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SubEtha Ready To Run

These are the instructions for the Ready To Run package of SubEtha. This package includes a distribution of JBoss, configured for "typical" use. It is probably easier to start with this setup rather than installing from scratch.

Package Contents

The JBoss included with RTR is preconfigured with:

  • The base JBoss Application Server 4.0.5.GA (from the JEMS 1.2.0GA installer).
  • The current version of SubEtha installed.
  • The MySQL JDBC driver.
  • Data sources which will connect SubEtha to a MySQL database running on localhost as the root MySQL user.

Note that even if you do not intend to use MySQL, the RTR package is a good place to start. Instructions for different databases will be included later in this document.


Before you install SubEtha, you will need to prepare the system.

  • Install Java. On MacOS X, Java is already installed. You want "JDK 5.0" from the Java SE download page. Not "...with NetBeans" nor "...with Java EE".
  • Install MySQL. 5.0.x is preferred, but any version should work.
  • In MySQL, create two databases. One should be called "subetha" and one should be called "subetha-q". (ie: mysqladmin -u root create subetha; mysqladmin -u root create subtha-q)
  • Install a Mail Transfer Agent such as Postfix, Exim, or Sendmail.


  1. Unzip the subetha-rtr package where you wish to have it installed. From now on, the subetha/jboss directory will be referred to as ${jboss.dir}.
  2. Edit ${jboss.dir}/server/default/deploy/subetha-ds.xml. This file defines two connections to the database, one for the master db and one for the message queue. They don't need to be in the same database. Make sure that the logins, passwords, and JDBC connect strings are correct.
  3. Edit ${jboss.dir}/server/default/deploy/mail-service.xml. This file defines the mail server that SubEtha uses to send out mail. You should define the mail.smtp.host and mail.smtp.port variables to be your mailserver and port.
  4. Edit ${jboss.dir}/server/default/conf/props/jmx-console-users.properties. Change the password. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

Integrate with your MTA

Read the integration guide.


Start up JBoss by running ${jboss.dir}/bin/run.sh or run.bat. The default web interface is http://localhost:8080/se/. When SubEtha runs for the first time, it creates a site administrator account named "root@localhost", with the password "password".

Change the administrator password immediately. This can be done from the web interface.

You are now ready to continue with the Administration Guide.